Do you remember last week when Cindy Axne claimed she was bipartisan and then Rep. Jason Smith (R-Mo.) tweeted out an email from Axne’s office telling him that she will no longer work with him?

We do.

But we’re willing to bet that Congresswoman Axne would like to forget it.

This weekend Axne’s office backtracked and told Politico that she would work with her Republican colleagues.

“In another example of the rising levels of toxicity, Rep. Jason Smith of Missouri — the top Republican on the House Budget Committee — tweeted out an email from a staffer for Rep. Cindy Axne (D-Iowa) declining to work with him.” 

“Axne’s office later said she has continued to work with Republicans since Jan. 6, including those who did vote against certification, though a spokesman said she remains ‘appalled at those Members of Congress who chose to validate the falsehoods that led to a violent insurrection.'”

If you are confused by her mercurial positions, you might be an Anxe Staffer trying to keep up with your boss’s flip-flopping.

Actual footage of Axne staffer trying to keep up

So Rep. Axne says she’s bipartisan in an interview and maintains;

“…we need to do everything as much as we possibly can from a bipartisan perspective”, but it turns out before she gave the interview where she said that she had refused to work with Rep. Smith, a Republican. 

But then after Politico asks about it, she says, essentially, “My bad, JK. LOL.” 

So is Axne working with Rep. Smith now? Great –  Kudos to Politico (and IFR)


But what if she is lying to the media to build up her bipartisan credentials for a tough reelection race or a gubernatorial run? 

While Iowa is a national leader in the wind energy industry, it seems Axne is a leader in taking positions wherever it blows.