“We need to have a place where we can express our thoughts on social media; social media is going to be the key-we need to get conservatives on these platforms as much as possible,” said Congressman Devin Nunes in an exclusive interview with Iowa Field Report. 

Just like the remarks he presented to the freedom Coalition later that evening, Nunes continued to be adamant on his stance on the problematic nature of  Big Tech Censorship. Throughout the interview, he often referenced the lack of traffic he would receive on youtube, Twitter, and Facebook compared to platforms such as Parler and Rumble. 

The only option for conservatives? Conservatives should go to platforms such as Parler and Rumble to get their messages across, advised Nunes. 

Nunes argues that the alleged act of tech giants spewing left-leaning articles to those who are not necessarily involved in politics on mainstream media, especially those who identify themselves as independent voters, currently hurts the political process. 

Speaking of objective reporting, this year, Nunes has filed Defamation cases against members of the media, arguing he has been slandered. 

“Fake news outlets need to be held accountable,” he said.

 Responding to critics who have critiqued the recent moves as an attack on the press, Nunes commented,” That’s fake news, and those that see that are fake news, defamation and slander are clearly fake news.”

Switching gears to the Biden Administration, Nunes had words for the President. 

“Every day is a new disaster,” he said, whether that be involving foreign policy in Afghanistan or the Border, or domestically with the recent 3.5 trillion spending bill. 

Noting how conservatives are leaving in mass droves from California is enough evidence to suggest how well the Democrats and Biden have been performing. 

Can Iowans Expect More of Nunes? Possibly; The Congressman alluded to some events he may be attending in the coming years to help further the Republican base.