Today, US. Senator Chuck Grassley filed the necessary paperwork with Federal Election Commission for a possible 2022 run for re-election.

The forms, found here, are required by law and ensure that his campaign remains compliant and indicates that Grassley will be ready should he choose to pull the trigger on re-election.

Iowa Field Report caught up with the Senator to ask him about the filing and his plans.

“Every day I’m up at 4 a.m. working as hard as ever for the people of Iowa. Right now I’m focused on reining in Democrats’ liberal wish list masquerading as covid relief. I’ll have more to say on a re-election decision this fall,” he said.

Senator Chuck Grassley’s Official Photograph

Campaign insiders believe any candidate that runs against him, Republican, or Democrat is doomed from the start. Grassley is well-liked in Iowa and seen often as above the fray of DC.

He has never lost a congressional race, racking up three House terms and seven in the Senate. Grassley, a Republican, represents Iowa in the United States Senate. He was first elected to the U.S. Senate in 1981.

For more information on Chuck Grassley, see Iowa Field Report’s post from 2020.