At a Reynolds and Gregg rally, Governor Kim Reynolds announced her candidacy for re-election to a crowd of supporters.

“She leads with courage, strength, resilience, and cares about our future,” said Lt. Governor Adam Gregg, speaking before Reynolds made her appearance.

When she arrived, Reynolds slammed “Progressive Elitists” for their defund police rhetoric, vaccine mandates, and unruly policy at the U.S. Southern Border.

“I am so blessed to be the governor of this great state every single day; I am in awe of your spirit,” spoke Reynolds, while the crowd chanted “GO KIM GO,” ending the event.

The message of the night?

It’s not about who’s conservative or progressive, but instead on who is willing to continue to fight for the state of Iowa’s freedom.

“Today, I am officially launching my re-election campaign for governor of the state of Iowa,” said Governor Reynolds. “As long as I am governor, Iowa will be a state where you can live your life freely, not have to wake up every morning worrying about the next thing the government will do to you, your business, or your children.” 

“With a victory in November, we can ensure Iowa remains a beacon of freedom, liberty, and unlimited prosperity,” Gov. Reynolds continued. “A state known for unmatched opportunity. The best is yet to come.”