Republican Senate Majority Leader Jack Whitver announced Tuesday morning who would be the chairs and vice-chairs for the Senate’s standing committees in the next General Assembly.

When asked about the makeup of this year’s committees, Majority Leader Whitver noted the diversity of backgrounds and experiences that each member brings to their committees,

“The strength of our caucus is illustrated in these committee assignments. Our members have a diverse set of experiences and their backgrounds will be an asset to Iowa as we implement policies to carefully manage the state budget and get Iowans back to work,” said Whitver



  • Senator Zumbach – Chair
  • Senator Sweeney – Vice Chair


  • Senator Kraayenbrink– Chair
  • Senator Lofgren – Vice Chair



  • Senator Schultz – Chair
  • Senator Koelker – Vice Chair



  • Senator Sinclair – Chair
  • Senator Taylor – Vice Chair



  • Senator Koelker – Chair
  • Senator Carlin – Vice Chair


Government Oversight

  • Senator Schultz – Chair
  • Senator Williams – Vice-Chair


Human Resources

  • Senator Edler – Chair
  • Senator Costello – Vice Chair



  • Senator Zaun – Chair
  • Senator Garrett – Vice Chair



  • Senator Whiting– Chair
  • Senator Green – Vice Chair


Local Government

  • Senator Shipley – Chair
  • Senator Klimesh – Vice Chair


Natural Resources

  • Senator Sweeney – Chair
  • Senator Driscoll – Vice Chair



  • Senator Whitver – Chair
  • Senator Chapman – Vice-Chair


State Government

  • Senator Smith – Chair
  • Senator Cournoyer – Vice Chair



  • Senator Brown – Chair
  • Senator Shipley – Vice Chair


Veterans Affairs

  • Senator Carlin – Chair
  • Senator Reichman – Vice Chair


Ways and Means

  • Senator Dawson – Chair
  • Senator Goodwin – Vice Chair



Appropriations Subcommittee Chairs:


Administration and Regulation

Senator Guth – Chair


Agriculture & Natural Resources

Senator Rozenboom – Chair


Economic Development

Senator Lofgren – Chair



Senator Cournoyer – Chair


Health and Human Services

Senator Costello – Chair


Justice Systems

Senator Garrett – Chair


Transportation, Infrastructure, and Capitals

Senator Johnson – Chair


Additionally, Senator Zach Whiting was announced as the vice-chair of the Administrative Rules Review Committee. Senator Zach Nunn was not assigned a role as he is on military duty through the 2021 Legislative Session.