This past week, Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann was named Chair of the Republican National Committee’s Presidential Nomination Process Committee. This committee will create a proposed order of state’s caucuses and primaries.

While the Democrat Party is flailing from their last Presidential Caucus, I am incredibly thankful that Iowa Republicans have Kaufmann fighting for us.

Kaufmann’s appointment sends a good signal that Iowa’s first in the nation status will be protected. As someone who has organized presidential caucuses for decades, our first in the nation status is vital to our state and our nation. Without it, we would no longer be able to look children in the eye and say, “You too could be President of the United States.”

Kaufmann’s appointment is good news for Iowa, and it should not be glossed over. This appointment shows just how valuable Kauffman is to the conservative movement. He has convinced Republicans around the country, and influential national leaders, just how important Iowa is in the presidential nomination process. This appointment shows how much these national leaders respect the work Kaufmann is doing and how much they value his leadership in Iowa.

If Iowa has the pleasure of being first in the nation again, Kaufmann deserves a lot of credit. In the face of criticism from media talking heads, Kauffman kept fighting and I’m extremely proud to be in this fight with him.

 -Trudy Caviness, State Central Committee Member-