There is nothing more valuable to our society than shaping young minds. It’s why I am proud to work in education. As an educator, I see how health impacts a child’s ability to focus in school. And, it’s why I find it is so important to support programs, like Medicaid managed care, that help keep our children healthy.

Medicaid-managed care offers a myriad of critical – and high-quality – health services for those eligible. For example, children enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP receive essential preventive care. In fact, 95% received a well-child primary care visit in the past year and 84% received a dental exam or cleaning during the same timeframe. Medicaid-managed care quite often also works to address needs outside of traditional health care by helping enrollees with other factors that impact their health such as housing stability. So, children can focus more on learning and less on an ache or pain. And, families can focus more on getting preventative care to minimize the number of illnesses and sick days.

The health and wellness of children directly impacts their ability to learn. That is why it’s so important to highlight a program like Medicaid managed care that provides the security and access needed for a healthier future. I’m thankful for our Republican leadership that continues to champion health programs for our children. 

 -MacKenzie Dreeszen Rutter, Polk County