Another political site? Really? Yes. And let me tell you why. I grew up in Iowa and cut my teeth on Iowa politics. I know the players and the game. I’ve been to every county in Iowa. I love its people and its beautiful landscape.

In 2015, I moved out of state with my wife to pursue new roles. For the last few years, I’ve been living in Wisconsin, watching and reading the news as a spectator. I have been stunned at the imbalance of media coverage. I believe the political media coverage in Iowa should be more well rounded.

I’ve made the decision to return home to the Cyclone state, get back into the fray and start the Iowa Field Report. The goal of this site is to ask tough questions of people who have largely been given a pass and talk about issues that have been ignored and overlooked. In short, to provide a portion of that missing coverage.

Welcome, I hope you enjoy it.

Luke Martz