We face a new normal right now, and life after lockdown looks very different from what it did at the beginning of the year. We are also facing an important election, which means a lot of conversation about what the future holds and changes ahead. For some, life has changed anyway, and this may mean that now is the time to work for yourself at home. Whether the choice came as a result of an extensive decision-making process or your hand was forced, you may be wondering what you can do to succeed in working for yourself. Here are some suggestions. 


Have a dedicated area to work


One of the first things to do would be to have a dedicated area to work. It can be challenging to strike a balance between working and home life when you work from home, so having a place for work will help differentiate between them. This could be a separate office or just a desk in the corner of the living room. Forget Steelcase and Knoll, you could use a card table if you like; it’s about whatever works for you.


Ensure you pay the right taxes and fees


Working for yourself now means that you will be responsible for your taxes. Are you paying taxes quarterly? Do you need to have a 1099 on file for this work or not? This is when using the 1099-misc forms can help you. If you’re not an accountant, getting someone to do these for you can also be advantageous as you will know that the papers will be filled out correctly, and the right amount of taxed and fees have been paid. 


Advertise your business and diversify where you can


There is no denying that working for yourself means that you need to be more aware of advertising and generating as much business as possible. If you need to familiarize your self with opinions, consider youtube tutorial or LinkedIn learning. Several tech companies offer low or no-cost certification programs that may be helpful. There are countless self serve and full-service options available online for SEO, ads, and promotion. Using social media and having the right website can help you thrive in the surroundings and current climate that we find ourselves. With many people turning to online businesses understanding and leveraging these tools can make the biggest difference to your own business sales. 


Find time that works for you


Everyone works differently and we will all have a time of the days where we are likely to be more productive. So it might be time to start looking at working out when you work best. Maybe it is first thing in the morning or perhaps you work better at night. Do you have to accommodate your kids or a spouse’s schedule? Maybe both?  Establishing even a rough schedule will allow you to get a work routine that ensures that there is time for rest and work. 


Don’t go overboard with supplies and equipment


Start with just the bare minimum when it comes to office supplies and equipment. Before you splurge on multiple monitors and a giant Zamboni printer, have a plan and only buy what you need. In addition to saving space, this keeps your costs down. While you may be envious of a friend or colleague’s three monitor war room they have set up now, you will be grateful for the flexibility when COVID ends and you can pick up your “office” and work anywhere next year without having to spend anything.


Get the balance right between working and home life 


Finally, and this is critical, you need to get the work and home life balance right, especially when working for yourself. It is tempting to put in every spare minute you have into trying to create your business and to do well, but you also need time to enjoy family life and time at home to rest and recuperate. Some, including this author, are distracted by housework, pets, and kids. While there is no silver bullet that can account for everything, taking those distractions into account when establishing your workspace and schedule. 


Let’s hope these tips help! Did we forget one? Shoot a note to info@fieldrepormedia.com