Hasso is undoubtedly one of the most qualified candidates to run against Cindy Axne. 

Hasso, the only African American woman in the running, will be able to shut down progressive identity politics that have infested political discourse in the United States for years. 

Critical race theory (such as the 1619 Project where she has been outwardly against), school choice, and minority representation are all aspects that Hasso can cover through her own experience as a mother, growing up in Chicago, and being a minority with a conservative voice in a time when minorities are told to think a certain way. 

Growing up in the Southside of Chicago in poverty surrounded by crime, Hasso knows the devasting impact that progressive policies on law enforcement and guns can have on a population to the detriment of children. 

As an African American in a predominantly white Iowa, Hasso will ensure that all conservative minority voices will be heard and addressed to ensure all minority representation in the state of Iowa and beyond. 

Hasso will make certain that conservative minorities are not individuals to be shunned out of any public discourse pertaining to the development of our country, unlike other liberal counterparts. 

Additionally, she advocates that all Americans should be held accountable and be well represented through the due process of law, no matter one’s political leanings, as she demonstrated this throughout the Iowa 3rd district candidate debates and pointed toward the double standard of progressive prosecutors nationwide. 

Living on a liberal college campus and being accused of not being a true minority because of my conservative values, I know without a doubt that Hasso will stand for those college students who are too afraid to speak up against the crowd and stand firm in their unique thinking. 

Nothing in the world will drive progressives in D.C. and Iowa crazier than a strong minority voice representing not only the GOP, but all people from differing stripes of life no matter their political leanings. 

Just as she said during her first congressional candidate debate speech,” We have to unite, we have been divided for too long, it is ok to sit at the table and walk away to agree to disagree, families have been broken up, friendships have been ended, stop the madness, and come together.” 

If the Iowa GOP wants to wage war against the identity politics that have infested the national stage to utter illogical nonsense, they need to give Hasso a chance, as she is the right individual to lead the GOP into a more inclusive and fresh voter base for conservative minorities statewide.


Caleb Lillquist,

Des Moines, IA