John McCormally wasted little time after Justice Amy Coney Barrett was sworn in to share his unsolicited view. Who’s John McCormally, you ask?  We forgive you. He is the Chief of Staff of Iowa’s State Auditor, Rob Sand.

The already deleted Facebook post comes just days after another Sand staffer, Andrew Turner took to social media to share their equally out of touch comments on how family farms are a make-believe / nostalgic thing.

Although Barrett is indisputably qualified–she was a brilliant law professor and an exceptional judge–McCormally thinks she should be impeached. The public is left wondering why delete the post? Was it to mask an extremely radical and dangerous opinion or was it because it could hut his boss’s long-term aspirations for higher office? Perhaps both? Regardless, It shows just how liberal and militarized Sand’s staff is. They try to keep it quiet, but McCormally’s slip show’s what’s really behind Sand’s Carhartt jackets: an extreme liberal.

Sand likes to portray himself as just an everyday Iowan, but his choice of staff and their comments is more telling. Not only are the values they hold out of step with those of Iowans, but it’s also clear that Rob holds beliefs he doesn’t want Iowans to know.