Ras Smith formally announced today what we’ve all known for some time: that he’s running for governor. But for all his time planning, it seems he needed more time planning.

Smith launched his campaign this morning with a video that was no doubt attempting to strike a chord with rural Iowans by showing them scenes of…wheat and potato fields. 

You read that right. There weren’t shots of corn or soybean fields (you know, the stuff that Iowa farmers famously and proudly produce). Nor were there shots of hogs or cattle. 

Nope. There were scenes of kids running through wheat fields and farmers carrying potatoes. 

It’s a wonder that Idaho Iowa Democrats have a rural voter problem.

If you think this is a one-time oops, it’s not that simple. His logo incorporates wheat too. Yes, the logo; the thing that goes on barn signs that he presumably hopes to stand up next to large cornfields along Iowa’s highways. So this screw-up will be with us until November 2022. Enjoy!