Friends, we know this sucks. We here at Iowa field report hope that you are doing okay. We hope your family and friends are safe and well. You’ve undoubtedly seen and read about all the excellent work so many organizations and individuals are doing to help fight the virus, feed people, and support the community in this very difficult time. They are inspiring.

Over the next few weeks, we’d like to take some time to highlight a few Iowa organizations that you may or may not be familiar with.  Today we’re featuring the Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence. 

The Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence is a 501c3 non-profit organization representing 21 different victim service programs in the state. This coalition of service providers helps by providing direct assistance and resources to survivors of intimate partner violence. This includes emergency housing resources, counseling, and even some legal resources.

Domestic violence impacts 1 and 3 women and 1 and 7 men in their lifetime. The current COVID-19 pandemic, the historic unemployment situation, and the fact that so many people are cooped up at home have only exacerbated the problem. While in some areas domestic violence reporting is down many experts in the field believe that the problem is getting worse and what we are seeing is under-reporting. No doubt due to the close proximity many victims are to their abusers currently. 

While they have closed their office during the pandemic, The Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence still has resources available 24/7. A comprehensive list of victim service programs in the state can be found here

If you have an opportunity, we would encourage you to stop by their website and read a little more about them, their programs, and resources. If you have the means, please consider making a donation. 

By clicking here you’ll be directed to the Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence donation portal

Iowa Field Report will also be making a donation to help ensure this important resource is available to those who need it. 

If you know of a great charity or non-profit that we should consider featuring, shoot us a note Thanks.


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