District: Iowa House District 98
Occupation: Youth Pastor
Website: http://jomaforiowahouse.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JomaForIowa

Why did you decide to run for office?

I decided to run for office because I could not stomach the idea of leaving my fate and the future of the people that I love so dearly to succumb to the agendas of the far left. I felt like in a matter of years, the America that I cherish and grew up in can potentially cease to exist forever. I want to remain one nation, under God, and be indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

What do you hope to accomplish?

I hope to represent Clinton county well in Des Moines. I believe that Clinton County has a lot to offer our state and our nation, and I want to see it reach its full potential. I want to see economic growth and development, and I’d like to attract business owners, entrepreneurs, artisans, and nonprofit developers to our area. I believe Clinton can be a sought after city once again! There are many plans and desires that I possess, but my main agenda it to see Clinton County and it’s people thrive.

What would you like the voters to know?

I am a hard worker, and there isn’t a task or problem that I cannot handle. I’ve worked all over the world as a teacher, minister, non- profit developer, and artisan. From the war-torn villages of Sierra Leone West Africa to the Homeless cities amongst Los Angeles California- I specialize in creating solutions to catastrophic problems. I can confidently say that most Clintonians just desire a stable and enjoyable life for themselves and for their families. I’m confident that I am the best choice to serve and improve our community.

IFR Notes:

The house district has traditionally been a safe seat for Democrats. President Obama won the District 98 seat by 31.8% in 2012. However, since that election, this seat has moved to the right. While President Trump won Clinton County in the 2016 election by 5.2%, he lost District 98 by just 3%. That is a 28% swing. Clinton County was one of the 31 Iowa counties that went from Blue to Red that year. Democrats still have substantial support in Clinton county, but Republicans are excited about the possibility to pick off seats like this in November.

Joma, who is also a single mom, declared her candidacy on Martin Luther King Jr Day 2020. Rep. Mary Wolfe has represented Clinton since 2010.

District Map