Tuesday, Lincoln Highway Young Republicans met for their first business meeting in Ames, Iowa. The new group is the fifth chapter for the statewide organization, which focuses on members between individuals between the ages 18 and 40.

Story County GOP Chair and Nevada Mayor Brett Barker celebrated the group as a sign of enthusiasm and opportunity for Republicans in the state.

“There are a lot of people excited to be involved. We see tremendous enthusiasm and are excited to keep growing more chapters across the state,” said Barker.

While the Lincoln Highway Young Republicans is the newest chapter, it won’t be the last. The state organization has seen tremendous growth since it was first created in 2019 and is currently working to charter a sixth group in the Greater Cedar Rapids area.

Barker elaborated, “It’s great to have a way for Young Republicans to meet like-minded Conservatives and get them involved in the process. I think it’s easier to get them engaged by getting them connected with some peers and hopefully they become more involved over time.” 


Our goal is to channel Young Republicans to partner with the traditional party structure, Candidates, and campaigns,” finished Barker.

That tracks with what the new chair of the chapter, Armaan Gupta is shooting for.  In a statement to Iowa Field Report, Armaan noted that in addition to helping elect Republicans and creating professional networking opportunities for its members, he stressed his priority of facilitating charitable service opportunities for members to give back to the community.

“As conservatives, we talk a lot about how we the people can solve our own problems, without the need for an intrusive and restrictive government interfering, so let’s do that,” explained Gupta.


“Let’s show our district that republicans truly care about making their communities a better place by actually volunteering and solving some problems,” he continued.


“If we want to win and preserve the values we believe are correct, then we have to do that through consistent, positive action,” said Armaan

The Lincoln Highway Young Republican Chapter encompasses Boone, Story, and Marshall Counties. To learn more, visit https://www.iowayr.com/