This morning, the Rita Hart campaign sent out a press release saying that Jasper County should certify recount results from a machine that is known to everyone not to be working correctly. Meanwhile, during his working hours, Rob Sand’s general counsel and chief of staff, John McCormally, retweeted that press release. 


That’s incredible–and not in a good way–for three reasons. First, why in the world is Sand’s lawyer and chief of staff agreeing that results should be certified when, according to sources, the Democratic Jasper County Auditor is currently having someone work on the machine, meaning that they know it’s not operating correctly? What in the world?

But it gets worse. These election results will go before the Iowa State Canvassing Board next week, where the Board will be asked to certify them. Sand, McCormally’s boss, is a member of that Board. For Sand’s top staffer, who is an attorney, to be tweeting Hart’s press release is ridiculous. 

And it gets worse yet: McCormally’s wife is the lawyer for the Hart campaign. Yes, seriously. 

To recap: During working hours, Rob Sand’s attorney and chief of staff is engaging in political activity about a legal issue that will come to his boss next week. And the political activity he’s engaging in? Advocating that Jasper County accept the results of a ballot counting machine that is known by everyone to be working incorrectly. And his wife is the lawyer for the Hart campaign.