Happy New Year!

We can’t tell you how much we appreciate our readers here at Iowa Field Report.

Because of you, we saw another year of incredible growth in readership.

Iowa Field Report launched in January 2020. In these past two years, we have been blown away by the support and encouragement we’ve received (we’ve also been blown away by the criticism and hate mail we’ve received, but that was to be expected).

Just because 2021 was an off-year didn’t mean that we had less to cover, Iowa Field Report was there when you needed us, and we were proud to bring you some great stories.

We plan to do the same in 2022. We are doing the work no one else will do, covering the stories the mainstream press refuses to cover.

To say that we’re excited about 2022 is an understatement. Iowa Republicans have been working diligently to recruit candidates, raise money and solve issues that matter to voters.

Iowa Democrats have been hard at work too. They’ve gone out of their way to make their agenda the most toxic and divisive one we’ve seen in some time. Additionally, Iowa Democrats have recruited some of the most tragic and unremarkable zealots to deliver their message of big government, cancel culture, and failed ideologies. All of this is a recipe for success for Iowans.

But back to 2021. Here they are, our top five most-read posts of 2021.


Dog Walker to Data Scientist: A prominent voice in Iowa media is not who they claim to be

This one was a doozy. It’s hard to summarise this post in just a few words but the part that sticks with us is that in an effort to dispute this reporting in this article Willette tweeted at us say she had been listed as the co-author of two academic articles and implied that she was now affiliated with ISU. Intrigued and unaware of them, we linked to them and updated the post. Further due diligence called for us to run down this idea she was working for or with ISU.

Spoiler: it seems ISU has nothing to do with her – check out the very last line in the story.

Records Show Cedar Rapids Candidate Has A History Of Financial And Legal Woes

What a mess.

Lawsuits. Unpaid financial obligations. A federal tax lien. Public records from the several states Amara Andrews has called home over the last 15 years reveal financial and legal woes have followed her.

Amara Andrews ran and lost her bid to become Mayor of Cedar Rapids.


The Swampy Truth Behind the Endearing Twitter Personality of Rob Sand

(You’re not breaking the law by reading this; I’m told Sand was at least 18 at the time)

A perennial favorite. This was one of our very first posts two years ago and is still read by thousands of folks each year. If those photo doesn’t do it for you, how about this excerpt:

Ember goes on to tell us that Sand “likes to tell people about how he turned down Harvard Law School”—an icebreaker I’m sure his Iowa law school classmates loved—and that Sand “does not like to talk about how he briefly modeled in Paris and Milan when he was in college.” Hmmmmm. He doesn’t like to talk about it, yet Ember was well aware of it. Sure, Rob. Sure.


Sand Gets Sued: Lawsuit Claims Auditor Illegally Withheld Public Records

Sand Gets Sued

Another Rob Sand post?!? Yeah, sorry. This post perfectly highlights Sand’s hypocrisy. Sand loves to push the idea he’s post-partisan and by the book, but when his office refused to release public records that had already been shared by liberal blogger, you have all the makings of a top read post.


Axne Called Out For Being A Hypocrite On Bipartisanship

This article shows you that even if Axne didn’t have all sorts of ethical issues about her stock trades, she’d still be her own worst enemy.

Our follow-up post is worth a click –  Axne Flip-Flops On Bipartisanship.


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