From the beginning of this insanity I have adamantly adhere to my position that there was a better way to address it. That the facts did not line up with the realities or conflicting opinions and did not justify bringing our economy and our lives, to a crashing halt. My wife, daughter and myself are all in “essential services”, so our work routine did not change much but for many, like my refrigeration customers, this fiasco was devastating and for some around the Nation, introduced them to absolute despotism. Thankfully, people are now recognizing this, taking to the streets and some of our elected representatives are coming around to my point of view so I am looking more like the patriot now than the villain. So here is my take on what the structure of America’s economic future holds now.

As an engineer by trade, I look at old structures one of three ways; 1. Is it fairly good shape and just needs some minor remodeling? 2. Is the foundation stable but the rest needs extensive restructuring? 3. Is it all crap, and just needs to be all bulldozed down and start over? We are now definitely past number one. For the last several decades socialists been trying to convince everyone that it is number three. They almost succeeded, but thankfully President Trump took the reins of power in 2016 and quashed their ambitions. What we are witnessing now is their last desperate attempt to destroy him, at all cost, and rescue what is left of their agenda. It will not work, he is always three steps ahead.

What I predict will happen is number two. The foundation of America is still strong and stable and President Trump will now use this “crisis” to his advantage to do some major, and much needed, restructuring of our economy. I believe this will include further changes and simplifications to the tax code, further elimination of the massive amounts of government red tape stifling entrepreneurship, further draining of the swamp and an end to crony capitalism; and promotion of our national security and sovereignty.

I have stated at length, that if elected, I will not work with anyone promoting socialist ideology, because I know where that road leads. President Trump is now giving everyone a crash course in this and it will make a much more lasting impression. Make no mistake, there is a lot of road through Hell left to travel but I can see his plans now and as I have always made clear; plans show everyone you understand the problem, that you are intelligent enough to develop solutions to fix it and that you are a leader and not one of the sheep.

President Trump understands this, I understand it and you the voter should understand it when you are choosing someone to represent you. We will persevere because that is what Americans do. God bless.

Thomas Hansen
Republican Candidate
First Congressional District