Not to be outdone by Cindy Axne’s outrageous display for liberal hypocrisy last week, Iowa’s Democrat legislators have come out in full force against school choice. But they’ve only done so after they fully embraced school choice in their own lives.

This tweet caught a few eyes this weekend.

That’s right. Linn County Democrat Liz Mathis sent BOTH of her kids to private school.

But she’s not the only one. Mathis is in good company.

Left-wing wackadoodle and State Senator Claire Celsi attended a private school and later served on one’s board.

Let’s not forget Janet Peterson. Public records from the Polk County Assessor show that she lives in Johnston School District, but she open enrolls her kid into……(checks Notes)…… Des Moines School District…..ok.

So, where is the left’s “How could they” outrage?

Where are the screams from teachers about Peterson’s betrayal of Johnston public schools?

Why can Peterson open enroll her kid in another district when DMPS doesn’t allow a rape victim to get out?

These Democrats have spent the past two weeks shouting about how great public schools are and how they were proud to be champions of public schools and public school teachers. They have been spitting blood about how bad these private schools are and how they are racist, intolerant, and hateful. Now we find out that they are trying to have it both ways.

Cut from the same cloth

These state Democrats aren’t special. National Democrats do the same thing.

Last January, Iowa Field Report ran an oped called The Not So Pro-Choice Party On Education. Definitely worth a click if you missed it. In that oped, we highlighted the hypocrisy of national democrats running for president who opposed vouchers and school choice even though they or their families benefited from it.

TLDR: Joe Biden, Tom Steyer, Pete Buttigieg, and Bernie Sanders’ wife went to private schools.  Biden and Steyer sent their kids there too. Elizabeth Warren sent her son to private school (and then got caught lying about it). All of them are vehemently opposed to allowing kids to attend private schools unless they are rich enough (like these Democrats) to do so.

Iowa Democrats and National Democrats talk out of both sides of their mouths on the issue of education. This is what you get when on one side, you have union money and infrastructure that the liberals need to win and, on the other, the realization that your local school isn’t going to give your kid the education you want for them—a perfect recipe for the situation we are witnessing under the golden dome this week.

Fairness, Democrats love to talk about fairness

In Democrats’ eyes, allowing a kid to get out of a failing school would be unfair. Their position on school choice makes it clear that they think it’s best all kids suffer a poor education in the interest of “fairness.”