What’s the deal with Theresa Greenfield? It’s one thing after another with her. Last week at a press conference, a group of moms laid into Greenfield for…get this…opposing diaper assistance for families in need. Why? Well, it appears her only real reason was that the bipartisan plan enjoyed the support of Joni Ernst, Greenfield’s opponent. 

The plan would have provided millions in diaper assistant to families via social services block grants. Diapers aren’t a luxury; they are a basic need for babies.  A clean diaper is essential to their health and well being. The need is there. One study by the Bureau of Labor Statics found that some low-income families can spend about 14% of their income on diapers. 

While Joni is out there working for the people of Iowa, trying to find solutions for moms and families in need, Greenfield must think only she is worthy of pampering. 

Her opposition was probably not a rash decision, Theresa announced it during a democratic primary debate, obviously trying to lock up the anti-diaper vote. The whole thing smells like a bad decision to me.

The facts are pretty clear: her campaign is struggling to pull-up it’s polling numbers. A recent Monmouth poll showed that Greenfield is #2 in polling. The survey showed she was down 3 points to her Republican opponent Senator Joni Ernst.

It’s not just her numbers that are headed toward the dumpster, Greenfield’s entire campaign is sagging at the seams. The indicator stripe is bright blue.

Other sources of chaffing for the Greenfield campaign:

As if all that wasn’t enough, after her campaign got caught scrubbing info from her biography on her website, it took two weeks for someone from her team to venture out of whatever bunker they hide in and try to wipe up the mess. 

Theresa would prefer to smear Joni Ernst than produce real policy solutions. Iowans deserve more than Greenfield simply crapping on good ideas that help Iowa families. Greenfield is all wet on this issue. If she doesn’t see the value in common-sense, bipartisan legislation like diapers for families in need, Iowans will probably witness a blowout this fall.